Kodiak, land of the giants

Kodiak archipelago is home to a giant bear, a coastal sub-species which due to isolation from mainland and abundant food grew much larger than its continental grizzly cousin. It is known that it can reach 1000 kg, although due to trofee hunting, I doubt you can find such bear today. Best way to see them is at river side during salmon run season (Jul-Aug), and to get there you need to book a flight with one of the local operators. Main Kodiak island is quite small, but can accommodate 3000 bears, with hunting quota being 10% per year (trophy hunting is biased towards killing large males and hunting large males disrupts the social order of bear populations, almost invariably resulting in more cub-killing by males, disruption of foraging by females, as well as unexpected and problematic population declines – full study here).

If you get the chance to visit, take a walk on Barometer Mountain trail, very close to airport, sometimes bears can be in the area! If you have more time, we highly recommend booking a week long trip with a biologist for a tent excursion in the wild, one in a life time opportunity (booking highly in advance needed)!

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