Leaving Alaska…for now!

Time for us to move on! Hope you liked our journey through some of the wonderful places in Alaska! There is much more to see, and we are hoping to come back one day, and hoping even more that human activity wont spoil this wonderful place too much! For more pictures from Alaska trip pls visit us at wildlife-reporter@facebook ! Remember to visit as many national parks as possible, to take as many pictures as possible, and to share!

Our next stop, Western Europe, Spain! Follow us!

3 thoughts on “Leaving Alaska…for now!

  1. Browsed around on your blog and there is so much to enjoy. I look forward to follow you and see more of your great photography! Thank you for following me. A few times a year I do post about wildlife and traveling. I try to leave comments but do not always have the time but be assured I do look at your blog! cheers from Ohio. Johanna
    ps I should have left this message on you r about page…but there is no comment box there.


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