Aran Park in Pirinei mountains, northern Spain

ARAN PARK is located in central Pirinei mountains, on Spanish side of the northern border with France, allowing visitors to get familiar with large mammals (bears, wolves, wild black goats, lynx, deer,…) in their natural environment (living in semi-liberty). These wild animals were once a common sight in Pirinei, especially the large predators, but nowadays due to human activity their number were drastically reduced. The park’s main purpose is to educate, and they are doing a great job in this regard, tourists (families with kids) having the chance to see the animals from close distance and to learn about them through various site activities. And this is very important as wildlife activists are trying to lobby the increase number of brown bears living freely in Pirinei, from around 30 exemplars to minimum 50 exemplars, which would be more self sustainable. The bears were brought in from Slovenia starting 1996 (as the last local Pirinei specimen died in 2004). Now, as of 2016, there were 10 males, 13 females with 6 small cubs born in 2015 and 7 more cubs born in 2016. Another mature male, named Goiat, was just released in 2016 (to see video click following link: Goiat, Pirinei, 2016 ). We are also happy to have contributed a small fee to a dedicated French team to help monitoring the brown bears in Pirinei, this way we can have more feeds/news on the bears well-being (if interested joining, click here Pirinei wild brown bears monitoring program )!

Also you can find out more about the park at , recommending checking the schedule before visiting!

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