A safari in Africa, part 1

There is no better way to be in contact with the nature and the wildlife than a safari, and Africa is one of the best places to offer a true adventure, being one of the most bio-diverse continents in the world!

It is a wonderful life experience, a great opportunity for real life Eco-education for you and family, and a great way also to help the local communities, the local economies and assure the protection of the animals! Do not forget that Africa has one of the fastest growing populations and already pressure on land and its resources is immense, and in the end, if people or governments on behalf of people would have to chose between them and the wildlife, unless they will see the shorter-term benefits on economy, the wildlife areas and its animals will be at risk! So contact your local tourist agent and check best safari opportunity, you will be surprised the prices can be affordable!

In this first part from our Eastern Africa safari we share some of the most iconic animals, a female leopard, gnu antelope, the famous zebras and giraffe and a mighty elephant bull!

I was recently surprised to learn that one of the most common animals when going into a safari, the giraffe, has recently been enlisted as endangered! Unfortunately this is true, most visible is in areas right below Sahara, where expanding population, soil deterioration and loss of habitat for wildlife have continuously reduced the numbers of giraffes! To continue…

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