A safari in Africa, part 2

We are pleased to meet and get to know better some more of the permanent residents of the savanna: the African buffalo, the gazelles, a water buck, an ostrich family, a baboon and close to lake, the mighty hypo and the Nile crocodile! All of them busy with their daily activities, which is searching for food, raising their families, resting and keeping open eyes and ears for any potential predators (people are ignored as long as they stay in their vehicles)!

They all live in a natural balance, established over tens of thousands of years (still evolving), their survival on shorter and longer term depending on their ability to find food, fend off predators, or catching their prey, and raising their babies.

In nature there is no compromise, and a weaker herbivore soon ends up on the plate of the predator, which hence assures a meal for his/her family! Without predators, the herbivores would multiply so much that there wouldn’t be enough vegetation to feed them, and they would be starving compromising their long-term survival, that is how, praying on the weaker, the predators are keeping the herbivore numbers in check. On the other side, too many predators will find difficult to find enough food, if the herbivore population decreases, so this is how the nature re-establishes the balance, making sure only the fittest survives, and there will also be a balance between predator and prey over long term!

When in a safari have in mind the animals behavior, the predators would normally be more active at night, or early morning and late evening, whereas herbivores may be more active during the day! An experienced guide will know all this and this way will make sure you will come back in your countries with a story to tell and tens of good pictures!

To continue…

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