Wildlife as dog food, made in U.S.A.


Anything for a dollar, right? It is the case in the U.S.A. today, as its iconic wildlife (as the american bison) is used to make dog food (other “flavors” are available as well, also made of wildlife meat)! Found this in a store in Europe in Spain, but seems they distribute all over Europe! And this is not a new company opened with the new U.S. administration, it has been going on since before…Simply disgusting and outraging! What can we than ask from less developed countries, like African countries, if the “free world leader” is behaving like this?!

3 thoughts on “Wildlife as dog food, made in U.S.A.

    • There were other flavors as well, other wildlife animals…I took photos of bison one as this animal was once almost extinct. It is very symbolic
      , and making food from them, this just shows how hopeless future for wildlife is…If this happens in U.S., what can you expect from lower developed countries, they will always say they are too poor and they have other priorities, instead of wildlife and environment protection…

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