Réserve Africaine de Sigean, a different type of ZOO

Accommodating some 3800 animals from more than 160 species, on a surface of about 300 hectares, Sigean (Aude, south of France, close to Spanish border) is a different type of zoo, where you can drive through the large enclosures, or you can walk outside others, in total covering at least half a day and in our case almost 14.000 steps ( www address here ).


A very educational visit we recommend, animals being organized as they would be in the wild, with larger space to move than in a regular standard zoo, and no notice of stress behavior displayed during the one day trip we had. Also we enjoyed the educational sessions over various animals organized by the zoo, where we were pleased to notice children were particularly interested and they were asking many questions about their favorite wild animals. Enjoy the few photos we took, before you organize your own visit!


For more pictures, pls browse through the TripAdvisor page here ! Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Réserve Africaine de Sigean, a different type of ZOO

  1. I am against the fact that we have animals from other countries in captivity. But these animals can not be released. Breeding animals that are threatened is good, if they also get into freedom where they belong. The market of exotic animals is a billion dollar industry, and I must say that I bought a snake once. It was a corn snake, a year old, so small that it was held within my two hands. I thought about it before, the reason that I wanted a snake was that I was a travel mechanic and was away all week on the job. When I decided to buy the snake was the answer, If I not buy it, someone else would have done it. With me it got 6 times larger terrarium than the snake requires, I gave it a lot of care, was always up with me on the floor, on the couch, everywhere. I bathed it often as they like. If we will stop selling exotic animals, so we must stop to breed them.

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    • Totally agree John and thanks for your feedback, as always! What I can tell you, is that this ZOO no longer keeps elephants, as the male elephant died, and they sent all females to other parks in Europe, as it seems that they are no longer allowed to import, and they have to breed the animals they have on the continent already in captivity (not the same happens in Asia or U.S.). This is a very good thing! Second good thing I learned is that there is a Europe wide centralized program to reproduce giraffes, so that to avoid in-breeding (as you may have heard, giraffe is the new species endangered in the wild ). And lastly, seeing families and kids interested in the wildlife is a good thing, the park was full on Sunday, so you have sort of mass education, which is preferred to mass tourism directly in Africa, as logistics would create pollution, and also realistically not all families can afford a safari, so for children is a great place to get educated, and I like their initiatives in this regard! Let’s hope this is a small sacrifice of these few captive individuals, that may contribute to saving their wild cousins in Africa, through education of the new human generations!

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    • Stop the breeding, the selling… but as well the buying. You use a trivial excuse: “if I don’t buy it, someone else would have done it.”
      So far, I guess you got the answers.
      We have to change specism and anthropocentrism into humility, Charles Darwin in 1859 wrote the essay “The origin of the species”… we (humans) are a casual product of natural selection. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.
      bst rgs :-)claudine

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