2021 summer

Summer in Northern hemisphere is always a big thing, because this is when most go into vacations, young and adults! 2021 was no different…but what is more special, although turning into routine, is the wildfires – “wild” probably because they are out of firefighters control, but not so “wild” regarding their cause, people cigarettes thrown from the car windows, during dry summers. The “small” forest fire in below photos in Spain didn’t even make people from next-by beachfront restaurants stand-up from their chairs.

This one below was taken in Greece, which together with Turkey, covered the news all over the world this summer, with the impressive size and impact of the wildfires. Turkey very soon after was also affected by massive floods, along with other European countries, like Germany.

And in the meantime, more and more fences are being build along the borders, as if this is really the world priority number 1…Below photo earned Alejandro Prieto’s a well deserved Bird Photographer of the Year 2021 Award, capturing perfectly what is so wrong about these fences, apart from the fact that they are not solving the inequality, nor the climate or economic immigration, they are also blocking wildlife from their migration routes, cutting-off entire populations – did any politician think about it? or what, roadrunners don’t vote? Shame!

Other events like rain in Greenland or vast wildfires in Siberia I think also don’t get the rightful attention, but the trend they build is obvious, affecting everyone around the world, though humanity is still in denial phase…Let’s see for how long we can afford not to care!

Wildlife as dog food, made in U.S.A.


Anything for a dollar, right? It is the case in the U.S.A. today, as its iconic wildlife (as the american bison) is used to make dog food (other “flavors” are available as well, also made of wildlife meat)! Found this in a store in Europe in Spain, but seems they distribute all over Europe! And this is not a new company opened with the new U.S. administration, it has been going on since before…Simply disgusting and outraging! What can we than ask from less developed countries, like African countries, if the “free world leader” is behaving like this?!